DOOGEE Mobiles 4G Smartphones Help Customer Care Number

DOOGEE Mobiles 4G Smartphones Help Customer Care Number

Sales / Booking Started Doogee Website and Official Site in India

Doogee Mobile

DOOGEE Mobiles India Head & Corporate Office Address & Contact Number:
BURDWAN Internet & Technology Pvt.Ltd.
113 Kanainatsal North,1st Floor B.K.Complex,
Near Police Line Bazar,Kolkata,West Bengal,INDIA

Doogee New Launch,Latest 4G Android Smartphones in India:
01.Doogee X9 Mini 4G Smartphones
02.Doogee X9 Pro 4G Smartphones
03.Doogee Shoot1 4G Smartphones
04.Doogee Shoot2 4G Smartphones
05.Doogee X10 4G Smartphones
06.Doogee X20 4G Smartphones
07.Doogee X30 4G Smartphones
08.Doogee BL5000 4G Android & ios smartphones –
Specification / Features =
Display-5.5 inch FHD Corning Gorilla Glass 5,
Battery-5050 mAh,
8 curves design,
Cameras-13mp+13mp Dual Camera PDAF,
Octs Core Processor,
09.Doogee Mix 4G Smartphones – Display-5.5 inch AMOLED Helio P25 Bazel-less,
10.Doogee S60 4G Smartphones Flagship Rugged Dustproof –
Specification / Features =
Display-5.2 inch FHD,Metal Body,IP68,
Cameras-21 OMP,
RAM & ROM-6GB & 64GB,
Battery-5580 mAh,OTG Supported
9 Shooting Modes (Cameras Angels)
11.Doogee BL7000 4G Smartphones –
BL7000 Phone Features =
Display-5.5 inch FHD,
Battery-7060 mAh Massive Battery,
Cameras-Dual 13 OMP+13 OMP Front Face Camera,
Octa-Core CPU
12.DOOGEE BL9000 Android 4G Smartphones-Battery-9000mAh wireless Charging Mobiles
13.DOOGEE BL12000 Android 4G Smartphones New Launch…,Battery-12000mAh Wireless Charging

Phone Accessories-Earphone,Shell / Back,Battery,Charger / USB,Pack

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  1. My pH is Doogee BL5000 4G Android & ios smartphones . unfortunately my phone screen is break plz help me where I can change my pH screen .

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