Rocktel Mobiles 4G Phones Help customer Care Number

Rocktel Mobiles 4G Smartphones Help customer Care Number

Rocktel Mobiles Helpline Toll Free Number:1800 300 00 745

Rocktel Mobiles (KMC) Customer Service Number:1800 300 00 745

Rocktel Mobiles

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Rocktel Mobiles Head Office Address & Contact Number:
KMC Electronics Limited,
Plot No.-D1-D4,IIE Growth Center,
Sigaddi Kotdwar,Uttarakhand-246149,India

KMC Manufacturing Products:
01.LED Bulb
02.Induction Cookers

KMC Mobilephones Smartphones Series:
01.IPLUS CLICK Black Mobiles (Smartphones)
02.IPLUS Click Blue Mobilephones (Smartphones)
03.IPLUS SILK Gold Mobilephones (Smartphones)
04.IPLUS SILK Black Mobilephones (Smartphones)
05.IPLUS COOL S22 Gold Mobilphones (Smartphones)
06.IPLUS COOL S22 Blue Mobilephones (Smartphones)
07.IPLUS COOL S22 Silver Mobilephones(Smartphones)
08.IPLUS STAR S11 Silver Mobilephones (Smartphones)
09.IPLUS STAR S11 Dark Grey Mobilephones (Smartphones)
10.IPLUS STAR S11 Gold Mobilephones (Smartphones)
11.IPLUS 1200 Mobilephones (KMC Dual SIM Mobile Phone With Whatsup App Inbuilt App)
12.IPLUS-1100 Mobilephones with WhatsApp
13.IPLUS 14M Mobilephones with whatsApp
14.IPLUS 14 Mobilephones With WhatsApp
15.IPLUS 13 Mobilephones With WhatsApp
16.IPLUS 13M Mobilephones with WhatsApp
17.IPLUS 11 Mobilephones with WhatsApp
18.IPLUS 12M Mobilephones with WhatsApp
19.IPLUS 12 Mobilephones with whatsApp
20.IPLUS 11M Mobilephones with whatsApp
21.IPLUS Q2 Mobilephones with WhatsApp
22.IPLUS Q1 Mobilephones with WhatsApp
23.RockTel W15 Mobilphones new Launch………
24.RockTEL M24 Mobilephones with whatsApp
25.RockTel M23 Mobilephones With whatsapp
26.RockTel W5 Mobilephones with whatsup App