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Elephone Mobiles 4G Smartphones Help customer Care Number

Elephone Mobiles 4G Smartphones Help customer Care Number



Elephone Mobiles Helpline Customer Service Contact Number:+86 – 17097235295

Elephones Mobiles

Elephone Mobile was founded in 2006,the world with the perfect mobile communication product.Elephone Mobile a consumer electronics brand won its domestics and international attention by launching Elephone P3000S,Elephone P6000,Elephone P7000 and so on

Elephone Mobiles Android 4G Smartphones New Launching in India:
01.Elephone P8 Mini Smartphones
02.Elephone P8 Smartphones
03.Elephone S8 Smartphones
04.Elephone P7000 Smartphones
05.Elephone S7 Smartphones
06.Elephone A8 Smartphones
07.Elephone P9000 Smartphones
08.Elephone P8 Lite Smartphones
09.Elephone C1 Mini Smartphones
10.Elephone C1X Smartphones
11.Elephone C1 Max Smartphones
12.Elephone S8 2K Screen Helio X25 Deca Core Smartphones

Elephone Latest Android VoLTE/LTE 4G Smartphone New Launching in India:
01.Elephone S9 4G Smartphone
Display – 5.7 inch Full HD
Battery – 4000mAh
ROM – 64Gb
Cameras – 16mp X 13mp
Processor-MediaTek Helio X30 Octa Core Processor 2.80GHz

Elephone Smart Devices Series:
01.Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Handheld 360 Degree Moving Gimbal for Smartphones
02.GeekCharger 360 Degree Rotation Bracket Storage rack Support Mobile Phone Stents Ring Holder
03.Felyu SmartStab Two Axis Smartphone Selfie Handheld Stabilliser for Smartphone
04.A95X R1 TV Box RK3229 Quadcore Android 6.0 Media Player HDMI HEVC VP9
05.M7 Smart Wristband IP67 Waterproof OLED display Bluetooth 4,0 Smart Wristband
06.VR Glasses 3D Video Glasses Headset for Android Mobile Phone
07.M88 Smartband TPU Smart Heart rate Wristband
08.N108 Smart Bracelet
09.S908 Smartband Waterproof
10.X9 Pro Wristwatch Waterproof Smart Sport
11.No.1GbSmart Watch
12.No.1Gb Smart Watch Phone Blood Pressure Monitor Black
13.No.1 G7 Smartwatch
14.No.1 G7 Wristband Smartwatch
15.Original V07 Smart Wristband
16.Original F1 Smart Wristband Heart Rate
17.U Watch U8 Smart Watch for Elephone Mobile